Huawei #OO


We won the global pitch for Huawei - the world's third biggest smartphone brand. We defined their new style, brand tone of voice and future global site design with our first project, the launch of the P9. A stunning dual-lens camera smartphone made by Huawei with the collaboration of Leica.


  The P9 captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images. It's a smartphone for makers. To launch the campaign we gathered artists and creators from the worlds of art, music and photography - each one performing and creating using the #OO motif, analogy of the dual-lens camera.




We also encouraged creators all over the world to come up with different ways to represent the hashtag #OO and we showcased those that stood out in our brand new teaser website . 


Event Launch

Client / Huawei
Year / 2016
Agency / Wunderman + Blast Radius
Creative Director / Kostas Karanikolas
Concept + Art Direction / Alfons Valls
Creative Team / Jon Beach + Chris Lovell
Production Company/ Canada London
Director / Chloe Wallace