ntc android


NTC is a full-body training app that caters to every level of fitness. Whether women want to get lean, toned or strong, NTC takes functional fitness training to the next level. NTC includes more than 115 workouts including 120 drills that build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio and core training. Welcome to the world's biggest, most connected fitness community.


I was involved in the Android app design. Keeping in mind the unique platform design patterns and standards was critical to make the application match the expectations users have for how Android applications should look and behave, ultimately making the app more usable and successful.




With over 15 million downloads globally, the name grew in meaning and significance, becoming the new brand for the Nike Women category online, in-store and inspiring live classes and events the world over.
I designed content for all NTC UK events and its communication social channels. I was involved from print design projects to create weekly social posts and brief photographers to cover all the training classes and events.

It translates your fitness level, exercise preferences and goals into workouts that motivate you to sweat... and whip you into shape.
NTC is holding strong as motivator du jour.

Client / Nike Women
Year / 2012
Agency / AKQA
Creative Director / Masaya Nakade

Role / Designer