Party finder prototype


'Party Finder' is a personal project. An app that helped you discover which major music related events were happening the same day, at the weekend or week ahead. Whichever type of melody rocked your world: Rock, Pop, Electronic, Salsa, Breaks, 'Party Finder' found them all. You could even sort gigs by popularity and distance too. 



Time and resources were limited. We decided to tackle the prototype with the following design and interaction principles: 
1- Owl: Logo / analogy of the user. Someone who likes to go out in all major cities. 2 - Toggle: Inviting you to slide to party and discover concerts, festivals or shows around you. This was also used to join / attend a party. 3 - Search bar: Allowing the user to sort by type of music, distance or popularity. 4 - Feed: To view gigs happening the same day, week or during the weekend.

Unfortunately the app was never developed further than its first phase. The information was pulled directly from and the thumbnails had to be heavily graded due their low resolution. However, we can proudly say that we got a fully working prototype in the app store back in 2012. Before apps like Y-Plan invaded the market


Year / 2012
iOS Software engineer / Joao Duarte
Android Software engineer / Carlos Eduardo Fernandes
Art Direction / Alfons Valls