RISK EVERYTHING: wembley stadium


'It's disappointment after disappointment. Half of the team is not interested and the fans can't be bothered to watch them'. This is how Harry Redknapp described the atmosphere in the run up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

We decided to tackle the lack of interest and build some hype around the team and the whole nation. We picked real english fan Twitter messages using the hashtag #RiskEverything to create bespoke illustrations with each one. We gave personalized flags to the fans and printed the illustrations around every corner in Wembley Stadium: banners, tunnels and perimeter boards to motivate the nation.


Images and tweets were combined through a system I created where messages were wrapped in ribbons, banners and semi-circular shaped text boxes. I created the player illustrations myself and was helped by incredible talented colleagues at AKQA to produce the rest. 


I was inspired by the Nike Global 'Risk Everything' campaign developed also by AKQA. Illustrators well known like Jon Contino and the richness of the english heritage where a huge influence too: castles, lions, roses, dungeons, st. george's cross, etc.


Client / Nike Football
Year / 2014
Agency / AKQA
Creative Director / Andrew Tuffs

Role / Art Direction + Design